Welcome! I’m Linea, a creative blending Communication Design and Psychology with a deep love for art.

I’m passionate about information design, data visualisation and creating campaigns that matter.┬á


The Solar System

An educational magazine on the solar system and human space exploration.


is a campaign focused on promoting responsible antibiotic use and increasing awareness about the rising issue of antibiotic resistance, with a special emphasis on engaging young individuals less inclined towards science.

Room for Improvement

is a campaign that sheds light on systemic discrimination of women in the creative industry through data visualisations, providing a clear view of the challenges women still face.

In fremden Schuhen | In foreign shoes

Within this app, you can gain insight into the 2014 refugee crisis in South Sudan, where thousands sought refuge on foot amidst violent conflicts in Sudan. The focal point of the application is Shannon Jensen Wedgwood’s powerful photographic series, ‘A Long Walk’.

Daten eines K├╝nstlerlebens | A life in Data

Amidst a world in turmoil, the artist Josef Albers led a life equally eventful life. Dive into his journey from 1888 to 1976 on this website, discovering the schools that molded his career and delving into the historic events that left an mark not only on Albers’ life, but on the entire world of his era.

Welcome to Moria

Welcome to ‘Welcome to Moria,’ a student project aiming to spotlight the reality of temporary refugee camps, including the former Moria campsite, and the vital efforts of organizations like UNICEF in these areas.